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Joy to the world. Most of us could probably rattle off the lyrics of that carol without a second thought. But this year, we want to sing it afresh; we want to sing it strong and clear: the Lord is come, and He reigns! The curse is broken!

Christ rules the world with love and grace and righteousness, and this Advent, we want to call Red Church into a new, glorious celebration of that truth. We want to listen to what the incomparable Joy of the Lord is speaking into our situations, our relationships, our Church.

Through our Sunday services, events and daily readings, we hope to provide many opportunities to share stories of celebration and give voice to the life and hope that God is bringing within our community and beyond. 

May these stories encourage you and beckon you towards our Father in praise and thanksgiving, sharing in each others’ joy, perhaps even if your own is hard to find.

This is something people have been praying into all year; prophetic words about Joy have been spoken; hearts have been longing… 

As we open our hearts to Joy, together as a church family, it’s our prayer that Joy will establish itself as a foundation of Red Church, and the Lord will show us new ways to be people of Joy in all circumstances.

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To be a church of passionate, committed disciples,
devoted to Christ’s alternative for the world


To awaken people to Christ and His message
and equip them to live faith in real life


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